KCA Code Of Ethics

IN ORDER to preserve the unique breed characteristics, traits, qualities, and appearance of Komondorok:

IN ORDER to promote and encourage breeding, showing, and training of pure-bred Komondorok:

IN ORDER to aid in the developing, administering, and enforcing Club rules and regulations which encourage high standards in breeding, care, sale and transfer of Komondorok:

1. I shall refrain from breeding unregistered Komondorok.

2. I shall refrain from all help and participation in the sale of Komondorok be commercial sources, including wholesale houses, pet shops and puppy mills.

3. I shall honestly and to the best of my abilities evaluate the qualities of all dogs I sell and inform the buyer of my evaluation.

4. I shall deal only with ethical persons and will sell or procure Komondorok only for those whom I believe will provide proper care for the dog.

5. I shall maintain the best possible standards for health, cleanliness and care of my dogs.

6. I shall endeavor to share information or knowledge and to assist newcomers and others who exhibit a sincere interest in the breed.


a. I shall sell only puppies that are in good health at the time of delivery.

b. I shall sell only puppies that have been checked for internal parasites and treated if necessary, and that have had necessary temporary or permanent immunizations, depending on the age.

c. I shall furnish a health certificate and provide the dates and types of immunizations and deworming medicines used. I shall advise if further immunization and reworming is necessary.


a. I shall not permit the mating of my Komondor to any Komondor that has a disqualifying fault, as defined by the American Kennel Club Standard for the breed.

b. I shall sell or give away a dog with a disqualifying fault only after making the prospective owner aware of such a fault in writing prior to delivery. I shall retain registration papers until written proof of neutering is provided, and obtain a written agreement from the buyer to this effect, as required by the AKC.

c. I shall be obligated to either refund 100% of the sales price or replace a defective puppy sold as show/breeding quality. Any disqualifying fault appearing before the age of one year renders the puppy defective. If the buyer elects to retain such a puppy and notifies me before the puppy is one year of age, and furnishes me with a waiver of AKC registration or written proof that the puppy has been neutered at that time, I shall make a refund to the buyer of an amount to be agreed upon at the time of the original purchase.


a. I shall allow breeding only to those dogs and bitches certified (or evaluated, if the animal is less than two years of age) as being clear of hip dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

b. I shall guarantee any show/breeding quality puppy I sell to be free of hip dysplasia up to 30 months of age. I shall consider OFA confirmation of hip dysplasia as grounds for initiation of the process of restitution. I shall be obligated to either refund 100% of the sales price or replace a dysplastic puppy. If the buyer elects to retain such a puppy, I shall refund the buyer of an amount to be agreed upon at the time of the original purchase.

c. I shall allow breeding only to those dogs and bitches that have been CERF’d after age nine months.


I shall breed and sell only those Komondorok displaying sound temperament.


a. I shall refrain from any misleading claims in advertising any litter or individual dog.

b. I shall bring to the Club’s attention any such misleading statements.


I shall provide AKC registration or application for any puppy I sell (except when there is a mutual agreement to the contrary) and include in the purchase price a pedigree that records at least three generations (parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents).


I shall deliver puppies no younger than 8 weeks of age, and ship puppies no younger than 9 weeks of age.


a. I shall not engage in indiscriminate breeding. I understand that no breeding should be conducted solely for breeder convenience, but only in an effort to improve the breed. I understand that close line-breeding or inbreeding should be conducted with caution, since both practices can reinforce bad as well as good characteristics.

b. I shall refrain from breeding any dog or bitch that consistently produces progeny with disqualifying faults.

c. I shall not use any dog at stud until he has reached the age of one year, and has had his hips evaluated clear of dysplasia by the OFA and CERF after nine months. I shall not breed any bitch before the age of eighteen months, or her third heat, and until she has had her hips evaluated clear of dysplasia by the OFA and CERF after age nine months. In case of a preliminary OFA,, the OFA reading is to be repeated as soon as possible after the dog reaches age two years.